Our Services

For truck and trailer repairs, stop by our full-service center. Our experienced technicians are trained to provide everything from full maintenance, tire repair, minor collision and brakes, to cooling systems, engine repairs & rebuilds and transmissions.

We also have access to an extensive inventory of parts, and we can arrange a tow to our facility to get you back on the road sooner.

What We Do

Provide both local and long-distance service. We’ve been providing services to Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes since 1982.

We’re equipped to tanker-required products such as:

– Asphalt
– Light Oils
– Glycol
– Methenal
– Ethanol
– Bunker oil
– Furnace oil
– Clear diesel
– Gasoline
– Stove oil

To receive a quote, ask us questions or share your concerns, get in touch today!